Thursday, August 1, 2013

Open Coffee # 17 August 1, 2013

Hello readers,

This morning was the 17th edition of Hive 53's Open Coffee KRK. The following startups made their pitch:

  • Mofables: Making apps to teach kids how to read. I like the idea and the pictures are really cute, but I would like to know more about the type of research that went into your product development.
  • Digital Music Stand: Develops tools for musicians and offers sheet music. Recently offering over 230,000 pieces of music. Being a big supporter of the arts, it is wonderful to see people developing digital solutions for musicians. However, I'd like to know how would one use your solutions in a real life situation. I was not able to get the exact website from the presentation, if you were at the event, please add it in the comment section. Thank you!
  • Mintia: Offering crowd sourcing solutions to graphic and design projects. Not sure how you would run this?
  • The Software House: Offering Support for software and application developers. They are looking for projects which have completed the first round of fund raising.
  • : A website that offers coupons to visitors of shops who sponsor certain charities. I really like the altruistic approach of the project, but where is the money going to the charity coming from?

Other visitors includes a hedge fund manager who would like to set up his own hedge fund, Sigmapoint and Sylvia's Health Products. Sylvia is looking for distribution help on the Polish market.

Lots of IT as usual today, but I really like that there were other types of startups like pharma and that some of the IT products were not geared to businesses but to different demographics. (children, charities, and musicians)

Looking Ahead:

In the coming weeks, I will sit down and have a chat with a local business angel to discuss her views and concerns of the Krakow startup community. I will also be talking with some of the young leaders of this community about the recent history and current trends as well as how they see the future of the community. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful tomorrow!


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