Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Short Profiles of 18 Polish Startups

18 Startups from… Poland!
Written by Laura Greene
Every week, they feature a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 10,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Web Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.
Already flying the flag for Poland this week we have 18 exciting early stage startups, full details on which are below. You’ll also find a selection of more startups from all over the world attending the Web Summit here.

Brand24 is a powerful, yet affordable tool for real-time social media monitoring and analytics. It is designed to keep track of online conversations about your brand and products. Brand24 collects real-time social data from millions of sources.

Infermedica develops high-performance software aiming for support of medical diagnostics using the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of passionate IT experts, doctors, and the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+. We believe that our work is a one step further toward computer assisted health care. Symptomate is an innovative tool that will help you find the right doctor. It’s smart, anonymous and completely free.

The Affily is an affiliate marketing software in an SaaS model which enables businesses to establish, manage, optimize and track its affiliate marketing campaigns in order to rapidly increase sales and leads.

Sotrender enables optimizing and analyzing social media marketing activities, providing analytical software as a service and bespoke research reports. It helps with better decision taking and increasing ROI, basing on big data and algorithms.

Since 2010 Limtel has aimed to do something unusual in the telecommunications industry. It makes communication more effective and cheaper for individuals and businesses.

Fanpoint helps brands promote and communicate via Social Media. It delivers tools that customize Facebook Page appearances to suit individual needs. 30 apps have been designed to motivate fans and make Fanpage administration more enjoyable.

Cloud Your Car is a disruptive, simple and smart fleet management & monitoring tool. It enables fuel optimization and cost reduction thanks to gradual change of driving habits.

ExamineChine provides fast online Due Diligence about companies from China. All that is needed is the name of the company, in every Credit Report the all important information you need for safe trade is provided.

Webinars is a marketplace for educational content. From the very beginning, the company was guided by the idea of providing education and raising peoples professional qualifications. It strives to create the best tools to fulfill this mission.

Fokus helps you get focus on what’s important in your online business. Mobile and desktop with beautifully crafted graphs and notifications. It provides analytics & monitoring, correlates data and gives hints to fix problems and optimize your site.

frugotonBased on brain science & psychology Frugoton has reinvented preschool education. It provides preschool educational games and parenting guides. Its mission is to make preschool SMART START available for everyone.

CodeWise is a self-funded internet incubator that specializes in technologically advanced internet advertising start-ups. CodeWise differs from most development companies in that it does not do any outsourcing. Its internal projects are driven by a passion for technology as well as desire to bring about change to stagnating markets.

rublonOnline accounts can be accessed from any device in the world, often without your knowledge. Rublon protects your personal data, as well as financial operations, by restricting access from unknown devices, even if your password gets stolen.

eventoriumEventorium keeps you informed about relevant social events around you, allowing you to stay up to date with what’s happening in your city. It can be used on desktop and mobile.

RISK Made in Warsaw is the brand for fans of tracksuits with an interesting cut. Its concept revolves around the classic – a gray sweatshirt with a hood. Risk provides much more than just clothing products. It believes that the capital simply should not forget to be glamorous.

Each language is unique, but they all have one thing in common – vocabulary. It‘s the basis for every language. Vocabla helps its users to organize their words. It allows them to build their own lists, or download ready-made ones. With Vocabla, you can practice or test yourself without any paper, share your success and see how simple learning can be.

Booksy is a robust mobile and web marketplace that allows customers to quickly and easily discover and book appointments with a variety of local services. Booksy includes innovative tools for managing appointment schedules, and connecting with customers.

The Funmedia Company is the leader in the field of e-learning. It was one of the first companies to create an online foreign language school. Apart from a wide range of interactive language courses it also offers many specialized courses. Currently, it sells several dozen products in 21 countries. It is the only company in Poland whose online textbook was accredited by the Ministry of National Education.

ScoreitImproving quality of services is not easy while running business based on customer relations. Scoreit provides QRcodes based mobile surveys to collect feedback directly form customers via mobile phones.

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