Thursday, November 21, 2013

Newsflash: OpenCoffeeKRK #24

Wojtek Borowicz

Thank you all for coming to our birthday meetup today! We had baloons, a cake, and probably the highest attendance up to date. We don’t have officially confirmed data, but from the looks of it, there was about half billion people at Google for Entrepreneurs this morning… well, more or less, that is.

This time around we heard a lot from students and student organizations who want to engage in the local startup community. There were people from AIESEC KrakówAIP Academic Business Incubators, and AGH, where they keep working on AGHacks, the biggest hackathon Poland has ever seen. We also have some good news for people interested in video games. Nicholas Holden told us that he wants to do gaming business here, and he already has secured a lot of cash in funding for his project, so if you want to know more or participate, find him on LinkedIn. And for those who want to promote their new apps and websites, Daniel Kassai’s Sharker might be a place for you. When you will be doing the inevitable winter clothes shopping, check out Not Just Shop - Łukasz Kaliciński and his team are giving a share of their revenue to children in need. Also, autopromotion: at Contentio I’m co-creating a platform for Polish journalists, where they could publish their articles and sell them directly to their readers. We are working with some of the best authors in Poland and are preparing to launch, so if you want to help (webdesign, funding, legal advice, any kind of feedback) drop me a line at
And if you’re looking for a job, don’t forget to reach out to Rahim Blak from Clickcommunity - they’re currently on a hunt for a social media-wise community manager. Those with more scientific talents may want to speak with Agnieszka Żarnowska who is currently looking for mentors for Uniwersytet Dzieci. You should also get in touch with Andrii Dorofieiev, who is looking for webdevs to help him create a start-up for lingerie retail.
We also had special guests today: Oliver Kempkens, the founder of Adapt or Die Ventures, and Tyler Crowley, the man behind Skweal and start-up communities animator. But if you didn’t manage to catch them this morning, don’t fall into the darkest pits of despair just yet, because not everything is lost! They will be at the Startup Stage today to talk about design. The event is organized by our friends from Innovation Nest and it kicks-off at 7 PM. if you prefer more creative forms of networking, be sure to contact Bart Czarnecki, who is planning a skiing/snowboarding meetup.
And one more thing. Don’t forget to vote for Kraków here if you want our city to organize the Agile Lean Europe 2014.
That’s it, see you in two weeks at OpenCoffeeKRK #25!

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