Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Open Coffee KRK #23 Summary:

Courtesy of Wojtek Borowicz
Hello everyone, thanks for coming to Open Coffee KRK#23!  This time we had over 60 people here at Google for Entrepreneurs, even more than had registered on our website.
Again we heard about a couple of great, interesting ideas. It’s worth noting that this time a strong team from Chance Academy paid us a visit. Remember those guys, because they keep some great projects up there sleeves, including Kalefixy - a startup from Anna Derda and Karolina Skrzypik with a mission to change how we perceive… long johns. And for those of you who think dating apps and sites are dull and boring, go check out ElimiDate, presented at OCKRK by Adam Labedzki. Marcin Panek, on the other hand, went a bit more hi-tech, with a cool demo of Leia, a holographic interactive display technology. Looking for an e-book bargain? Then you should definitely bookmark UpolujEbooka, Marcin Łukiańczyk’s price comparison platform. Today we also heard from Michał Śmiałko, who told us about his big hackathon project, AGHacks, and from Paweł Sieczkiewicz about Dinnerclub, which he calls ‘Airbnb for cooking’.
We were also, as usually, visited by the investing part of Kraków startup community. Chris from Innovation Nest was talking about a couple of pretty interesting events they are organising this month, including Office Hours with their mentors and the eighth Startup Stage, so be sure to check it out. Head straight totheir blog for more info. Additionaly, Bartosz Józefowski from the KPT incubator, invited us for ‘Made (IT) in China’ meetup. Anyone interested in making business in one of the fastest-growing economies around the globe should definitely go to KPT on November 20th. See the Facebook event to learn more.
You also shouldn’t forget about the PITCH program. It’s being organized by our friends at Google,, and NorthStar Consulting, and by taking part you not only can learn how to successfully pitch your business, but also get a chance to win an entry for Seedcamp Kraków. Details are on Facebook. And if you want to learn something about Unity engine (hint of the week: Richard says Unity devs make tons of cash), be sure to attend the Meetup with people behind Vikings Gone Wild. For those who want to know more about Web Summit 2013, read Marta;s thoughts here.
See you in two weeks at Open Coffee KRK #24!
Wojtek Borowicz

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