Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newsflash: Open Coffee KRK #26

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for joining us at Open Coffee at Google for Entrepreneurs this morning. This was our last meetup this year, so huge kudos to all of you, who helped make it better with your presence at the meetings, feedback, sponsorship, or anything else. And if you want OCKRK to become even more awesome (we know how hard it is to imagine that, but you’re a group of creative folks, so you’ll manage), get engaged and ask Marta, Aliaksei, and Richard how you can help.
In a need of a logo or some help with graphic design? Be sure to take a look at the Corton design marketplace Bartosz Gryszko showed us. Those who find biology and medicine interesting should check outHackerspace KRK, where they are preparing for some DIY biohacking, or contact Stefan Buttigieg, who is developing software solutions for medical industry. When you find yourself in need for some coaching session, visit Patryk Lange’s websiteBipin Indurkhya might help you with software projects, and Katarzyna Wabik is the person you should talk to, if you want to promote your local business via Yelp. People caring about healthy lifestyle should definitely find out more about the Doowise initiative Phoebe Ryrko and Gosia Dzik-Holden told us about. And if what you need is a mobile app, Berrysoft is the place to go. Those of you who know their way around video games industry, be that kind and help Nick Holden with a list of Kraków-based gamedev companies: you can find it here. See if there’s anyone missing, and add them.
Also, as usually, there’s something cool upcoming from great people at Innovation Nest. They’re already accepting applications for the next edition of their Accelerate programme. If workshops, mentoring, $25k in funding, and a business trip to the Silicon Valley sound at least moderately interesting to an enterpreneur like you, head here for more info. Innovation Nest is also partnering with Google for Entrepreneurs and Seedcamp. Effect? Mini Seedcamp Kraków that will take place on january 16th. Great opportunity for startups to meet experts, VC’s, and angels. Local winners are going to Seedcamp Week London, with a chance to meet a ton of great mentors, so why are you still reading this instead of applying? The deadline is january 4th!
If you’re looking for something to do this evening, or if you have attended the #OMGKRK X-massive Party and just can’t stop thinking about partying, or quite the contrary, you haven’t, and now feel guilty and lonely (good, that’s how you should feel if you missed it), pay the guys at Materialination a visit. They’re throwing their own 3d-printing-themed party at 6.30 at BAL . Those of you who are into iOS programming should also definitely mark january 16th in their calendars. Untitled Kingdom is organizing a cool meetupabout iOS 7 )sadlz, zou will have to choose between that and Seedcamp).
That’s it, see you next time at Open Coffee KRK #27, the first one in 2014!
Wojtek Borowicz

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