Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Newslflash: Open Coffee KRK #29

Hi there, as always it was nice seeing so many of you gettting up early and coming to the Open Coffee. We had some magic and also tons of hiring annoucements, so if you’re looking for a new job, there’s plenty positions to choose from here in Kraków. Some people say there’s no job for young people in Poland. Instead of listening to such nonsense, just come to Open Coffee and see for yourself.
Kamil Stanuch is looking for a couple of developers to work at his Sigmapoint interactive agency. So if you have frontend, Python, or Java skills and want to participate in projects for Sigmapoint’s UK clients, don’t hesitate and get in touch with Kamil. They’re also always on the lookout for dev talent at Mawelous. And though they insist San Diego is better than Kraków, they’re actually pretty likeable and even willing to invest if you have a really good business idea. Additionally, Toolito is looking for a webdesigner, and Tyler Crowley wants to hire a good iOS developer. Generally speaking, it looks like everyone is hiring now!
Don’t want to discuss jobs anymore? No problem. You can just hang out with a couple of magicians on Sunday, during the KRK Magic meetup. Also, don’t forget to register for the OMGKRK bowling tournament. It’s happening on February 18th and is absolutely free courtesy of Krakowski Park Technologiczny. You just need to register.
For additional projects presented at the last Open Coffee, be sure to check Michał Stefanow’s ideas forLegal Screenshot, a new way to secure internet transactions. Maybe you’ll be able to help him push the project forward. Also keep an eye on the aDaSie team, which is gaining tractions with its social initiatives.
And on 27th of February clear your calendar for the next Startup Stage . This time it’s going to be about acceleration, and Innovation Nest invited people from TechStars, Startup WiseGuys and WARP, so it’s an opportunity that shouldn;t be missed.
That’s it, see you in a week in COLAB and in two weeks at Open Coffee KRK #29!
Wojciech Borowicz
This is a repost of the OpenCoffeeKRK blog from February 6, 2014

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