Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Pionners Unplugged in Krakow?

By Paul Chen

Pioneers Unplugged is a one night event held in cities all over Europe and now in New York and Dubai.  It is licensed by the people who brought you Pioneers Festival in Vienna.  In 2013 Forbes Magazine called Pioneers 2013,"A smarter SWSX".  It is an event that brings together industry leaders, startups, and tech forward thinking people from all over the world.  The event takes place in the Imperial Hofburg Palace, home of the Austrian National Library, the President of Austria, and the famous Spanish Riding School.  With tickets starting at just under 300 Euros, it is indeed one of Europe's premium startup events.  This year they are bringing together the heads of 500 Startups, Cisco, Edventure Holdings, and Rethink Robotics.  Participants in previous events have raised over 55 million Euros in funding. 

The people at Pioneers had an idea of making Pioneers more accessible to more people as well as promote the idea of being a "pioneer" in tech so Pioneers Unplugged was born.  It has been held in cities like Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and recently in Poland's own Wroclaw.  The point of the evening is to get people together to network and bring high quality speakers with inspirational talks, as well as allowing people to get their hands on some new pieces of technology.  

Why should Krakow have one?  The reason is clear.  Krakow is at the threashold of exploding on the international scene.  We have a city overflowing with fresh and educated talent.  Local startups are popping up all the time.     We have some infrastructure such as co-working spaces and local and international accelerators to support these startups.  And we bring a lot of extra value to our western partners.  We have many local events like Hive Swarms, Startup Stage, and Krakspot.  We also have longer international events like Startup Weekend, Tedx, and Bitspiration.   The great thing about Pioneers Unplugged is that it is a nice marriage of a internationally recognized brand and high quality content in a neatly packaged one night event.  Additionally, it is not expensive.  With a ticket price of under 12 Euros, you get a lot of value for your money.  

The benefits from such a event is that Krakow would be put on a map of cities that hold international brand name events.  It connects Krakow to the other Pioneer Unplugged hosting cities such as Copenhagen, Riga, and Dubai.  The fact that the Pioneers name is attached to the event brings with it certain prestige.  Because of this brand, we will have a chance to bring higher caliber talent to speak at our city.  It makes it easier to get technology developers to show their wares in Krakow.  And local talents and supporters will gain a high degree of exposure on an international channel.   As an added bonus, attendees will have a chance to win a ticket to this year's Pioneers event in Vienna in the month of October.   

The event is set to take place in Hubraum's brand spanking new office space on May 26, 2014 starting at 6:00 pm.  It will be a wonderful way to start Geek Week with a bang.  We already have a wonderful masters of ceremony lined up.  

Organizing this event will not be easy.  We will need your help.  Currently, we are collecting subscriptions to news about the event so please sign up here: . If we get over 100 sign-ups it will tell the people of Pioneers that we are interested and it will happen. We have already half of the signatures, needed. Will you help us to get beyond 100? To the people who have already signed up, we want to thank you for stepping up!  And be sure to go to the Facebook fan page ( ) to tell me that you would like to come. First 120 subscribers get reservation privileges. 

Addtionally, we need a partner or a co-founder to help me organize it.   We also need someone to help with marketing and fund raising.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.   Let's bring a night of awesome  technology and inspirational speeches to Krakow and get something great to happen here before Warsaw! Welcome aboard! 

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