Friday, May 2, 2014

Pioneers Unplugged Krakow: UPDATE!

By: Paul Chen

Hello Krakow,

Here is an update about Pioneers Unplugged Krakow.  Like I said, the Pioneers people are really excited to have it in Krakow.  I think the event will give Krakow much needed international exposure as well as get some more international talent to come here to give talks.  I have so far gotten Dermot Corr the organizer of Tech Saturdays in Wroclaw as the MC.  I have people from NCBiR coming in from Warsaw to give a chat about their program as well as Harimata, fresh off their win at Singularity CEE in Budapest.  I also have Kinderd Group, one of the biggest digital media groups from the Czech Republic coming.  There are a few awesome surprises to be announced.   We need to have 100 subscriptions to get the people from Vienna to come.  We have about 88 sign-ups so far.  We need at least 12 more to get it to officially happen, so what are you waiting for?     We also need your help.  Any help would be gladly accepted, be it promotion or others.  Innovation Nest and Hub:raum are already on board.  Thank you in advance.  Just like #OMGKRK, I believe this is the next great step for the Krakow Startup Community.  Let's make it happen!


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