Monday, June 16, 2014

TechCrunch founder to launch the Next (R)evolution in Chat (K’Sup Exclusive report)

Paul Chen

Imagine if you can chat with anyone in any of the popular apps without having to go to any particular app.  Keith Teare, the co-founder of TechCrunch just showed me something that will revolutionize chat.  Later this week Chat Center will launch.  It is the latest project from Archimedes Labs, the group that brought you TechCrunch. 

What is ChatCenter?

It is the ability to chat with people based on a URL.  No apps needed.  You can do it on your PC and smart device. 

How do you use it?

You will have to choose a name. It becomes your personal URL for chat. You can chat from your browser or the Chat Center app. (Download here) You can even chat from other chatting apps by sending them a link and the link will open an in-app browser to chat. They are soft launching the app. But you can use the service right now. Just go to: and install the iOS app. As long as the name you want hasn't already been chosen you will be able to claim it from within the app. This is the only way to claim a name. 

How is it different from the current chat services?

You can chat to others even while they are chatting on other apps.  You can do it from a simple browser.  If you use the app, you will be notified by your smart device but if you have your browser open, you will be able to see real time updates.   You will never need another app.  The service is cloud based.  All you need to chat with people is to open a bookmark on your browser.  So your bookmark folder becomes your friends list.  It is like having a phone number, but it is a URL. 

How do you chat?

You will just go on your friends’ URL and chat with them on the page.  In the app, there will be tabs of your friends in which you tap and then you will chat using the interface screen. 

How do you get messages?

If your browser window is open, you will get updates as they chat back with you. If you have the Chat Center app on your smart device, you will be notified. You will also get notified by email if you don't have any of the above opened.

Any other features:

You can Block unwanted people

Later you will be able to: 

Create Groups
Create Conference chats
Other chatting apps will be able to incorporate Chat Center into their service by using the open free SDK and using their API. 

How will the service monetize?

Businesses will be able to purchase premium branded names.  You can have multiple names via multiple devices.  Selling ads.  Offering Ad free versions.   

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