Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hacktory #4 is coming with a bang - with a new theme, new place and new schedule! We’re introducing some changes to the format to see how you like them and this time around we’re combining Internet of Things with gaming - it’s time to bring video games into the real world. Therefore, you’ll be able to play with Orbotix Sphero, Oculus VR and Estimote Beacons. Additionally, our special guests from DICE+ are bringing their amazing digital dice to let you tinker with it and mentors from CD Projekt RED and Duckie Deck will be on the spot to provide additional support. Hack the planet!




July 24th (Thursday)

We start at 6:00 PM, show all the hackable gadgets, do the team-building and kick-off hacking! Food and drinks are provided. Write your code and shape the future!


Plaża Kraków.

What am I gonna do?

Build amazing mobile apps connected with contextual computing, Internet of Things and video gaming in the real world. All playful ideas are welcome! You’ll have a chance to play with Google Glass, Orbotix Sphero, Estimote Beacons, DICE+, Oculus VR and more.

What’s the agenda?

The whole event is planned for 6 hours, from 6 PM to midnight, so consider it a hacking sprint.

We kick off with a short presentation from our guests from DICE+. Then we go to pitching ideas and team building, and dive straight into coding. You have a few hours to create an awesome app that will make our jaws drop. Our mentors from Estimote, CD Projekt RED and Duckie Deck will help you along the way. Finally, our jury will choose the best app. Winning team goes back home with Estimote Beacons for everyone!

Who can attend?

Hacktory Kraków is open to everyone, but we only have a limited amount of space, so don’t hesitate and RSVP! Also, it’s about building mobile software, so remember you need some knowledge of Objective-C or Java.

This event is for free, but you have to register to make sure we have a place for you!

What’s needed:
  • Your own PC/Mac to work on
  • Mobile device supporting Bluetooth Smart (also called BLE, BT 4.0) with iOS 7 or Android 4.3+
  • Cable to connect your smartphone to a PC/Mac
  • Estimote SDK, APIs for other devices you want to work with.
  • Xcode 5 or Android Studio/Eclipse

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