Thursday, July 31, 2014

Join Pioneers and meet the whole startup world!

Paul Chen

I recently organized Pioneers Unplugged Krakow.  It was an amazing experience. They are busy organizing one of the major Startup Festivals in the world.  You can still get in.  All you will have to do is to apply your startup to the Festival.

From the Pioneers website:

What is Pioneers all about?

Pioneers is all about pioneers.

Fair enough. For us a pioneer is somebody who
  • pushes the borders of what is possible, somebody who
  • has a vision for our future and most important of all someone who
  • uses the power of technology, science and entrepreneurship
  • to improve our daily lives.
And what are you doing again?

In short: Inspire. Connect. Empower.

HERE'S THE THING: Never before has there been such easy access to so much valuable information. Never has there been so much technological potential and knowledge to tackle our greatest challenges (as well as our daily pains.) Growing up we’re very often told that as an individual you cannot impact the world. In schools we’re trained to fit into a certain box.

Truth is you only need
  • an idea,
  • you need some courage and
  • have to meet a few people alongside the way, and you can define your own boxes.
And believe us we can’t stand the thought that a great idea is getting lost. That’s why we help to create successful startups. We make sure that great ideas get great presentation. We showcase what’s happening on the edge of technological entrepreneurship.

And foremost of all we bring together a community of over 20,000 entrepreneurial shapers to make sure that a pioneer’s vision comes across the right people to become reality.

And how are you doing it?

With Pioneers Unplugged we’re already active in over 40 major European cities. And this year we’re going global and will be present on all five continents.

At our years’ peak – the Pioneers Festival in Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna we gather 2,500 of the brightest minds from all tech industries. Startups, hackers, corporates, VCs and innovators from all over the world meet to inspire, be inspired, connect and be connected.

Or in fact lots of them. The goal is to present our tech- and sciencepreneurs as successfully as a piano playing cat collects hits on Youtube and for that we’re not afraid to use some smoke and mirrors and a great show – as long as there is an even greater idea behind it.

WE'RE OPEN 24/7.
With Pioneers Discover we set out aside from our community events to connect startups with companies and accelerators to innovate and co-create to help them find the support they need.

The Pioneers Startup Programs are now complete and we are moving in on our final deadline 

for all applications. Join us and meet the whole startup world!

Apply now >>

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