Monday, September 22, 2014

Codewise Launches Voluum to help Performance Marketers

By Paul Chen

Hello Jeremy, How are you finding Krakow as the new base for Codewise?
Just to clarify, Krakow has been the base of our operations from day 1. With that said, we are a tech marketing hub that relies wholly on the quality of our technology – and Krakow [Poland] is a great place to find that talented developers and product people. Me personally, I have found Krakow to be a great community city, (for work and networking) and a great place to get a company off the ground.
How long have your company been at its current location?
We have been here at Lubicz 17 since April 2014. We love the location and the facility is second to none.

What exactly does Codewise do?
Codewise is a tech-marketing hub that builds tools for the performance marketing industry. What does this mean… if you advertise online you will probably find great use of our tools. ZeroPark is an advertising network, with a focus on domain and mobile traffic. Voluum is a tracking solution to help you target, optimize and scale your advertising spend. This is obviously the elevator pitch.

For the noobies, what exactly is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is made up of three main aspects:
  1. Advertiser – the person or company selling a product
  2. Publisher – a person or company that promotes an advertisers product in exchange for a commission
  3. Consumer – The person who sees the ad and makes an action (sign up, download, purchase)
Affiliate marketing is simply outsourcing or supplementing you or your companies marketing activities through a partner who takes the risk by covering the costs of marketing in exchange or a payout upon success.
How does it differ from just trying to get customers in the traditional sense?
In many cases you can say affiliate marketing is the traditional sense, in that affiliates use many of the same strategies that in-house marketers use to acquire leads or sell products. Affiliate marketing can be seen as outsourcing or supplementing your companies marketing efforts.

Codewise's first product, ZeroPark, was a big success. What was it about ZeroPark that made it such a hit?
  1. It’s built on the best tech in the industry
  2. Great partners
  3. A strong network and customer base
What surprised you about the customers' reaction to the product?
Honestly there weren’t a lot of surprises with ZeroPark. We have been in the industry for nearly 10 years, both as affiliates and vendors, therefore we felt that we had a very good understanding of the industry. In this fast past industry if you can automate as much as possible with great technology you have a winner.
What is the USP of the product?
As an affiliate marketer you are always looking for quality traffic sources that fit your budget and work well with your offers. Secondly, can that traffic source scale, meaning, once you have found that key match can you acquire more traffic of the same quality to keep driving leads or conversions. ZeroPark and its insight tools (along with Voluum) allow for marketers to see exactly what traffic is working and where their money is being utilized the best. Because it’s an RTB system (Real Time Bidding) you can make instant changes to increase your ROI.

Codewise has a new product, Voluum, currently in the beta phase but is about to be released. Can you tell us more about this product?
Voluum is a tracking platform targeted at performance marketers. It allows our users to manage and track every penny that they spend, in real-time. This provides our users immediate feedback on their activity, allowing them to scale their campaigns up or down. More importantly, it’s one of the first tracking platforms in the cloud, meaning that our users know longer need to host and manage their outdated software on by themselves. What does this mean in everyday use; some marketers are running millions of impressions every day, which could result in server costs of $600 to $1000 every month. This cost is on top of the software costs, not to mention manpower to manage those servers.
An even bigger issue that we have solved by hosting our product in the cloud is the reporting. With the self hosted solutions many marketers would have to clear their data, sometimes weekly, in order to keep from bogging their servers down (or pay more for more space). Therefore, they would not have stats into their past activities from the time they cleared the data. By hosting our tool in the cloud and taking charge of hosting requirements are users are now able to hold their data for as long as they want – with no slowing in reporting.
How will it help businesses manage their digital campaigns?
Voluum allows for hyper-targeting and reporting. When you [a marketer] start to study your audience, whether it be a buyer or someone earlier in the process as a trial user, you will start to find trends of when and how people try/buy your products. For example; time of day, location, languages, internet browser, mobile carrier, wording on the page, different colors of the buy/submit buttons are just a few of the factors that a marketers looks at when trying to increase conversion rates. Voluum allows our users to watch these critical demographics to optimize their success rate.
Do you work with mobile?
Yes. In fact, both of our products are have very strong mobile functionality. ZeroPark, the ad network, sells mobile traffic. One of Voluums strongest selling points is that you have both mobile and desktop tracking in one place.

Back to Voluum. How does it differ from other products like it?
  1. Pricing
  2. Hosted in the cloud (SaaS vs. the typical software download)
  3. Scalability – You can run billions of events through our system and still expect the same speed and quality
  4. No down time! We have redundant servers in 8 locations around the world to secure 100% up time.
Anymore information about Voluum?
If you are a performance marketer you will definitely want to give Voluum a try. We just returned from Affiliate Summit East in NYC and the feedback was overwhelming. We already have thousands of daily users, and we are just coming out of beta.
Overall, as a company, we have seen tremendous growth over the past 2 years, especially in the last year. Team size have grown over 100% in the last 8 months, revenue is up 125% in the same time period and our user base has seen a spike of 265%. We are doing something right and we are very excited. With that said, we are constantly hiring as we are growing, so I would invite anyone to send us their CVs. You can find all open jobs on our website

Thank you Jeremy for your time.  

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