Thursday, September 4, 2014

Innovators’ Summit II conference – the exceptional meeting of innovators in business.

Joanna Sawicka

13th September 2014, ul. Konarskiego 18C, Gliwice, Poland
The Change Leaders Foundations organizes the second edition of Innovators’ Summit Conference.
13th September 2014 in Technopark-Gliwice innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, psychologists, trainers and leaders will gather to debate on the question of how to bring innovations into business.
The main idea of the conference is to create a space to exchange ideas, build a welcoming environment to establish new relations and to enhance awareness of the significance of the  innovations in business.

The conference consists of two parts: the workshop part and the Open Space Technology part.
During the workshop part participants can choose between three workshops:

The leadership within the organization - the role and competencies of the leader – Barbara Ciemała 

Effective leader tool kit – Izabela Śmieja
     Creative thinking in business – Natalia Marek

At the same time, 10 special guests – entrepreneuers, innovators, directors, and company leaders will be discussing about new trends in business and actions which entrepreneurs and leaders should take to make valuable changes in world.
Second part of conference is an experience in unique Open Space Technology which creates a space for creativity to flow freely and for people to exchange their ideas, thoughts and wisdom.

Building community of change leaders, support innovations and spreading the idea of creating supportive environment of world-changing business – this is the meaning, not only of the conference, but also of the Change Leaders Foundation and people who are creating it together.
We invite You to take part in Innovators’ Summit Conference in Gliwice to build community of Change Leaders with us.  
If You want to take part in Innovators’ Summit Conference in Gliwice you can register using this form:

Diversity is our greatest opportunity.
Change Leaders Foundation

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