Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seedcamp Invests In 11 New Startups After Its Annual Event

European ‘venture accelerator’ Seedcamp has announced it has made 11 new investments, out of the 21 drawn from around Europe that pitched at their annual event in London last week.
It made 11 investments, 7 directly from Seedcamp Week applicants, and 4 from the new Seedcamp Fund.
The companies are:
● Carbon Voyage, London, UK – “Creating technology that makes transport more efficient.”
● Homeshift, London, UK – “A home moving service that enables you to organise your move hassle”
● Make Works, Glasgow/ Edinburgh, Scotland – “Connecting the design industry with the ability to manufacture work locally.”
● Medefer, London, UK – “Improving patient safety and reducing unnecessary hospital referrals by providing telemedicine consultant advice.”
● Newsfixed, London, UK – “An international journalism marketplace allowing media organisations and information-heavy businesses to commission content far more efficiently than before.”
● Shoprocket, London, UK – “Feature rich eCommerce that integrates seamlessly into any application with a single line of code.”
● Wriggle, Bristol, UK – “A mobile-app that connects users with unsold spaces at local businesses”
It also announced additional investments as part of the companies seed round into:
● eMoov, Brentwood, UK – “The UK’s leading online estate agent.”
● Mailcloud, London, UK – “A secure, cloud based service that organises your emails and files”
● Property Partner, London, UK – “Democratising investment in buy-to-let property”
● Teleport, Palo Alto, CA / Tallinn, Estonia – “A search engine for Digital Nomads.”
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