Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Y Combinator „comes” to Krakow

By Paul Chen

What does airbnb, Dropbox, reddit, Scribd, PayPal, and LinkedIn have in common? They are all graduates of Y Combinator. In Krakow, we also have a couple of startups that graduated from YC in Estimote and Applicake. This fall the people who brought you YC are running a course at Stanford University called „How to start a Startup?” (course number CS183B). Guest lecturers will include Paul Graham, Marc Andreessen, Dustin Moskovitz, Marissa Mayer, and Sam Altman himself.

Learn the fundamentals of starting up:

how to come up with ideas and evaluate them

how to get users and grow

how to do sales and marketing

how to hire

how to raise money

and more!

Hubraum and Colab is proud to be the organizers of viewing sessions in Krakow of the lectures that will be available online. The viewing sessions will be held at Colab every Monday starting September 29, 2014 until December 7, 2014. The viewing sessions will cover two of the previous week's lectures. There will be a discussion after the viewing with experienced startup professionals such as founders, VC's, angel investors, incubator/accelerator mentors, and journalists. It is still unknown if it will be catered. After the discussions, participants will be encouraged to network.

All are invited!

More information is available here:

This is the only known officially organized and announced viewing event in Poland.

So suck it, Warsaw!

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