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There is more to Kazimierz in Krakow than Jewish History and Zapiekankas

Paul Chen

The Kazimierz district in Krakow is known for its Jewish history and the tasty Zapiekankas from Plac Nowy.  However from May 23, 2015, which happens to be my birthday, it will be known for a new thing.  Do you want to be inspired? Are you looking to better your life in some capacity? Then come help me celebrate my birthday by attending TEDxKazimierz on May 23rd, my friends!

TEDxKazimierz is led by local entrepreneur and investor, Richard Lucas.  Krakow is no stranger to TED talks.  They already have hosted a few editions of TEDxKrakow, one each of TEDxYouth@Krakow and TEDxPodgorze.  

We had a chance to sit down with Richard Lucas to discuss the upcoming event:

Hello Richard, how did you decide to have a TEDx event in Kazimierz?

 The TED mission of “ideas worth spreading” is close to my heart.  I’ve been involved in the TEDx movement in Poland since the start in 2009/10, in many capacities: helping organise, being a speaker, sponsor, doing icebreaker activities before events, setting up facebook groups like the TED and TEDx Fans in Poland and the TEDSurfing Group hosting meetups I sometimes interview TEDx- ers from my blog here. It’s is an important part of my life and I felt I had  something to contribute as a leader of an initiative under my own license. I am not doing this alone - I'm being supported by a fantastic team who are doing a huge amount of work

Krakow already have other TEDx events, why another?

TEDxKrakow has done an incredible job in the city already - Paul Klipp in 2010 and Ewa Spohn from then on, and got two speakers onto the TED.com platform, A very unusual achieivement.  I did consider doing a TEDxKrakow Salon as a sub license. After discussions with Ewa Spohn of TEDxKraków, and with TED headquarters, I went down the route of applying for a licence directly to do a smaller event by and for the historic Kazimierz district of Kraków.   TEDxKazimerz does not have the ambition to be on the scale of TEDxKraków. It is a small but historically important district within the city. I considered that this TEDx could not only serve the local community but also perhaps be instrumental in strengthening it. sometimes the “TEDx Community” is more the community of organisers than participants.  I also wanted to spread the world about TED and TEDx events, Our TEDx Kazimierz  events are meant to be as inclusive and focussed on community building as possible. I wrote a blog post about community building at events here. It is important to me. 

What is the theme of the event?

Age is no limit

Why did you choose that particular theme?

Because I am a great believer in the idea that age is often used as an excuse and that really there is no time like now for doing something, no matter what age you are

What is your idea of a successful event?

That the people who attend feel at the end of the day that it was the right thing  to do with those hours of their lives, they feel inspired, excited, moved and that they get the “TED and TEDx” virus”

What kind of speakers and performers have you got in the lineup already?


Edward Lucas of the Economist who happens to be my big brother, who I admire greatly and is often a keynote speaker at international conferences Jonathan Ornstein of the Jewish Community Centre, MC Silk the famous rapper who has had a viral hit on Youtube, and hopefully Professor Narębski who survived two years in the Soviet camps and has led an inspiring life..      

Are you still looking for speakers and talent?

Yes. Submit them thoruhg our web site

Have you got a venue?

We have a wonderful venue. It's a stunning setting:
The Galicia Jewish Museum on Dajwor 18 in the heart of Kazimierz

How can the Krakow community help?

We need help raising money, Please volunteeer to get involved, submit your speaker nominations, We have a generous grant from the Urzad Maszałkowski- but this is not enough to pay our cost. TEDx projects are entirely non profit, and no one at all, speakers, volunteers, team members, are paid for their involvement.

What else would you like to tell our readers?

TED and TEDx can change your life for the better. Watch "Why I translate TEDTalks" by the wonderful TED Open Translation Project. Take some time to watch some TED talks , and talks about the project. For example June Cohen’ s talk about TED here, Benjamin Zander and Don Tapsworthy;s talks, and the "What is TEDx" official introduction video.

Thank you Mr. Lucas for your time.  We wish you the best of luck!

You are welcome

The event is TEDxKazimierz
Date:  Saturday, May 23, 2015
Venue: The Galicia Jewish Museum on Dajwor 18 in Krakow
Here is the official Website: www.tedxkazimierz.com
Stay up to date by following the @TEDxKazimierz Twitter account and be sure to like their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TEDxKazimierz

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