Thursday, March 5, 2015

Explore the MOCAK museum with beacon technology

Paul Chen

“The future is now” according to MOCAK, a contemporary art museum based in Krakow, Poland. The museum has implemented beacon technology to enrich the experience of the public through its interactive exhibitions

For a few years now, the tech world and the media have been talking about the iBeacons as being the next disruption in retail. Business Insider says that it will be "the most important retail technology since the mobile card reader". By the end of 2018, they project that there will be over 4.5 million active beacon devices installed in retail spaces. They also report that half of the top 100 retailers are testing beacons this year. And one third of them will have beacons installed in their stores by the end of 2015. Business Insider Intelligence reports that over 570 million Android and Apple phones are able to interact using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 4.0, which wakes their phones up with push messages.
For the most part the uses of beacon technology are set in the future and the general public has not had many chances to interact with iBeacons. Well, that has changed. A few months ago, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK) did more than just change the installations of some of their exhibits. They installed iBeacons. HG Intelligence SA, a Krakow-based start-up that provides beacon and cloud based solutions, was chosen as their technology partner for the task. Their main iBeacon supplier is talked with Szymon Niemczura about the installation:
"Beacons in museums can create an amazing experience. beacons along with the great mobile app and content enable MOCAK visitors to experience a truly deep immersion. This is the future," said Szymon Niemczura, CEO of
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