Thursday, March 19, 2015

Living beyond the Story

Malgorzata Dzik Holden

Innovation & Personal Freedom

The history of humanity on this planet from its earliest traces to the present time is a remarkable record of technological achievement.  Whether one considers the advances from smoke and drum signals to digital signals or from sailing ships to rocket ships, we have demonstrated a unique capacity for mastering our environment and providing a continuous increase in the length and comfort of human life.  However, what is equally remarkable is that though our technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, human being itself seems to be the weak link in the chain of development.  Though the content of our thinking is clearly different from that of our ancestors, the place we think from – namely survival – is the same.  Though our goals have clearly advanced since our beginnings, how we organize and communicate among ourselves to achieve them have not.  And though many of us live in political structures, which guarantee human rights, there is no evidence that we experience more freedom and aliveness.

In this experiential and practical 2½ day course we will explore fundamental themes in our personal and professional lives to enhance the way we live and work.  Our inquiry is designed to go beyond merely presenting new concepts and theories and instead will seek to open up a new way of being, leading to innovation and personal freedom.

• Innovation is not having new thoughts, but rather having a new place
from which to think.

• Personal freedom is not getting what you want, but rather discovering
who it is that wants it.

But innovative thinking and real freedom are only available beyond one’s story.

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