Friday, March 27, 2015

Saule Technologies Chosen Polish Startup of the Year

Saule Technologies has just received Poland’s Startup of the Year award. Olga Malinkiewicz’s venture is aiming to use the perovskite mineral to create easy-to-attach material and facilitate the use of solar energy. Other awarded startups include InPay and Brand24.

During a recent award ceremony, organized as part of the Entrepreneurial Poland (EP) project, it was Olga Malinkiewicz, the researcher behind Saule Technologies, that attracted the most attention. The jury, which included the current Marshal of the Polish Sejm (Congress) Radosław Sikorski, EP’s Darek Żuk, T-Mobile’s Milan Zika and Krzysztof Dzięcioł as well as Krzysztof Kaczmar from Kronenberg’s Banking Foundation, picked her venture as the best in Poland. But the real challenge for Saule Technologies is just beginning.

Saule Technologies – where science and business meet

Olga Malinkiewicz has long been researching perovskite minerals and the method of producing solar cells based on them. Unlike the popular Oxford methodology, involving the usage of temperatures as high as 500°C degrees, Saule Technologies came up with one that worked at room temperature. Better yet, it can be molded into all kinds of elastic pieces that can be integrated with just about any surface to turn it into a little solar battery.
“I believe in this technology and I am convinced that it will succeed. The commercialization of new methods of perovskite production can make the world a better place,” said Malinkiewicz.
While Malinkiewicz is the head of the scientific part of Saule Technologies’ operations, Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczanas help make the solution “a thing”. According to them, it is instrumental for scientists to work closely with business and marketing experts to make sure that the solution receives the proper exposure, target and a fighting chance on the market.
“Even though we can’t compete with, say, German salaries or the cultural offer of London, we definitely can compare what we offer to budding businesses. We may not be right at the top in terms of innovation just yet, but when I look at the startup companies here, I truly believe this may change.”

Malinkiewicz was also named as one of the top 50 most creative business people in Poland in 2014 by the Polish marketing magazine Brief.
Two more startup companies, InPay and Brand24, were recognized by the jury. InPay’s goal is to facilitate the use of the Bitcoin digital currency. InPay offers solutions that makes it a lot easier for businesses to implement Bitcoin payments. Brand24 is an internet monitoring tool already active in as many as 30 countries all over the world, including Qatar and Indonesia.
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This is a re-post of an article that appeared on on March 26, 2015


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