Thursday, April 2, 2015

Astia Wants to help Polish Women launch their own Startups

Open Your Mind to Astia #2: Inclusion & Diversity in start-ups

The conference will be an extraordinary meeting of three groups: start-ups, mentors, and investors. They want to create a space for an open dialogue on the development of new initiatives, entrepreneurship, and the improvement of start-up teams and new companies in Poland. Their goal is to promote the idea of Astia – a global organization supporting women in setting up and leading global technology companies.

  • For those who have just started in the world of business, and for those who want to develop their business on a global scale.
  • For women who feel good as leaders and who want to use their education, knowledge, and abilities in creating innovative business.
  • For business mentors and investors who want to contribute to the development of new initiatives and the growth of entrepreneurship through supporting the idea of women empowerment.

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