Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Google Campus Warsaw coming to Praga Koneser Center

Genna McKeel, Partnerships Manager, Google for Entrepreneurs

Last year we announced that we're bringing a Campus to Warsaw. Campus is Google’s space for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build companies we hope will change the world. In preparation for opening, we’ve been working to bring more resources and growth opportunities to startups all over Poland, including our recent Campus Exchange program. We aspire for Campus Warsaw to be a vibrant hub not just for startups across Poland but across the whole Central & Eastern European region. We love getting to know the Polish startup community leaders and entrepreneurs and can't wait to open the doors to our space.

Today, we are excited to share the location of Campus Warsaw! We are bringing new life to a beautiful historic building at Praga Koneser Center. We think this historic vodka factory is a perfect space for entrepreneurs to get to work. The red-brick buildings in the Koneser Center, many of which survived World War II, were built in the late nineteenth century. The Center's history is amazing, and it's future is even brighter. Construction crews will be working tirelessly on many new buildings there, including residential buildings, storefronts, and offices. It is also well served by public transportation (close to the 2nd metro line and the Warszawa Wileńska station). We are excited to make this our home base and watch the neighborhood grow and flourish- just like the startup community inside Campus.

Campus Warsaw will join our global network of Campuses in London, Tel Aviv, and Seoul, with spaces in Madrid and Sao Paulo launching later this year. We look forward to opening our doors in late 2015 and to galvanizing the startup community across Poland and across Central & Eastern Europe!

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