Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HorseShoe would like to give you the ride of your life

Paul Chen

So you and your significant other are trying to figure out where to go on vacation. You search and search on the web for wonderful destinations. However, all you see are pictures and no context. You want to know how it feels to be there.
You don’t have to wait anymore, HorseShoe is here to help you.  Just download the HorseShoe App from App Store of Google Play in to your smartphone and place your smartphone into your Google Cardborad, DuroVis Dive, Samsung VR Gear, or any VR headgear and be wisked away to the destination of your desires.  There are many cities to choose from.  Krakow, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, New York, and Paris.  The possibilities are endless.

In each tour, you will be taken on a VR tour of some of the destination’s most famous sights just to whet your appetite.  You will ride in a horse-drawn carriage accompanied by a cute female local tour guide explaining the sights that you are seeing.  You can see the rest of the city when you get there. 

How are we going to monetize? I’m glad you asked. In each VR tour, we will offer stores along our routes to advertise by using some pop-ups in the VR video when we pass their establishment as well as the profile page of each destination. Other businesses can also be listed on the profile page for a fee.  There, they will offer the guests some special offers.

HorseShoe is looking for app developers and VR camera technicians to help us develop this product.  More info is on the way. Please like our Facebook fan Page.  

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