Monday, May 4, 2015

Krakow's BaseConnect wins 2014 Laury Magellan Award

Ian Scarffe

At a ceremony in Kraków Poland, winners of each category for the Laury Magellan Competition 2014 were announced.

Laura Magellan is a nationwide business competition, initiated by the University of Economics Krakow rewarding people who - like Magellan, combined vision and imagination with persistence and managerial talent and for achieving outstanding results and changing modern world.

“Its an honour to win the Laury Magellan competition, the project has been a lot of hard work and time, but to win this award makes it all worth the time and effort”, says Damian Sluja.

Damian was a student at the University of Economics in Krakow and it was during this time that he had the first idea to create a student and graduate network that would connect students, organisations, events, parties and companies with students in one social network. 

Student and graduates are able to signup and create an online CV, “no more paper CV’s” says Damian Sluja. Once the online CV’s are created companies can connect with the students and offer them internships and jobs based on the data from the users online profile.

Companies can place job advertisements on and students can view interesting events and join student organisations.

The student and graduate only social network was developed in Krakow, Poland together with students and student organisations. The project is ready for expansion to other countries and intends to grow gradually and ensure that the startup meets product market fit with all of its users and customer segments. 

Damian first pitched the idea at a startup event called Hive53, where he met Ian Scarffe who joined together with Damian Sluja to grow the idea into an international project.

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