Friday, June 26, 2015

MIT Technology Review awards their Polish Innovators Under 35 at Bitspiration

Paul Chen

In each of the last five years the MIT Technology Review has awarded some inspirational young scientists or tech talent their Innovators Under 35 prize.  This year they brought the awards to Poland. And earlier this week they held their awards ceremony at Bitspiration in Warsaw.

As a grand finally of the fourth edition of the Bitspiration Festival, MIT Technology Review awarded a young Polish scientist their first ever Innovator Under 35: Poland prize.  This prize is given to a young Polish talent who is revolutionizing the world with their projects.  The ceremony was attended by Kathleen Kennedy, president of MIT Technology Review and other leaders of entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem.

The 10 recognized Polish talents are:

Ola Orchowska - Her educational video game, starring a robot, teaches children to learn to live with diabetes.
Kamila Staryga - Her smart pad detects the presence of gynecological diseases in menstrual fluid and transmits the data to a smartphone.
Olga Malinkiewicz - Created a printing technology that produces cheap, flexible sheets of perovskite that could revolutionize the energy industry.
Katarzyna Nawrotek - Her personalized, biocompatible implants can regenerate and reconnect damaged nerves.
Maciej Machulak - His protocol puts the control of personal data shared via the internet back in the users´ hands.
Marcin Piatkowski - His smart, foldable electric bicycle could revolutionize urban traffic.
Marcin Treder - His collaborative design software centered on user experience is a hit in Silicon Valley.
Michal Mikulski - His robot performs rehabilitation therapy for muscular injuries and atrophy.
Przemyslaw Kornatowski - Developed drones specialized in rescue missions for use in natural disasters and other high risk scenarios.
Tomasz Wolkowicz - His test to confirm Ebola diagnoses is faster and cheaper than the current alternatives.

All of the projects truly address some of the most important problems we face as a society today.  And each project has the ability to impact the lives of a large portion of the population.  A few of them are already startup companies.

Michal Mikulski from Gliwice was recognized with the Social Innovator special mention for his physical therapy assistance robot.  He currently runs a startup EGZOTech. For Olga Malinkiewicz, this has been a remarkable year already.  Her start-up, Saule Technologies of which she is the CTO, won the Polish Startup of the Year and now she has been recognized as the MIT Tech Review Polish Innovator of the Year, 2015. Her printing technology producing flexible sheets of perovskite could solve much of the world’s energy problems. Solar cell efficiencies of devices using these materials have increased from 3.8% in 2009 to a certified 20.1% in 2014, making this the fastest-advancing solar technology to date.

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