Thursday, July 23, 2015

After Raising $5 Million, UX Pin says,"Back to Work!"

An Open Letter from Marcin Treder, CEO of UxPin

Hello Everyone,

There's couple of things worth celebration today.
First of all - the company is doing fantastic. With growing offices on two continents (there's 41 of us!) we continue to nail the collaborative work style. The goal for this year? Growing to +70 employees and keeping the culture at least as great as it is today.
Secondly, business is going great. 25k people sign-up for UXPin every month. We've turned a simple product, started in 2010, into multi-million dollar business, valued at... well it's quite a number, but I will I leave that to your imagination.

Most importantly, today, our mission is more important than ever. The world runs on design and collaboration and the platform for the entire collaborative design process is a must! We're going to make it happen.
Finally, it feels like a dream. Jeff Veen, the design legend, founder of Adaptive Path, Measure Map (sold to Google) and Typekit (acquired by Adobe), left the position of VP of Products at Adobe, joined True Ventures and immediately led UXPin's Series A. Unbelievable.
I'd appreciate if you could share this post. We need to hire the best of the best:

Now back to work!


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