Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rombo Games' hybrid games connect board games to your smart device

With contributions from Paul Chen

I met Marcin and Juan at Digital Dragons, the biggest gaming conference in Europe, in May. They showed me their new game Roar. When I saw little pieces of cardboard with pictures on it, I thought,"Oh, another German style board game."

Then, they took out their tablet and held it over the table and tapped on an icon and, CRUNCH! All of the game pieces had been eaten by monsters via Augmented Reality. As a result, I saw points being added up.  This means I don't have to keep points via some sort of meeple. I mean, you can still do that if that is your sort of thing. 

Later that month, the final of the Agora Startup Fest event came to an end! From over 200 participants only 20 managed to qualify for this stage. There all of the startups had the opportunity to present their ideas at the biggest event for startups in Poland. Amongst the winning ideas, Rombo Games received a special award from one of the sponsors of the event - the lawyer’s chamber of Spaczyński, Szczepaniak and Partners SKA. They won the  "The surprising obviousness and intransigence of the project" Award. That says a lot about the commitment to innovation of Rombo Games. They were also finalists at the Pirates on the Shore event in Krakow. 

Rombo Games is specializing in the creation of hybrid family games, designed to appeal both to the kids as much as their parents. The company's team co-created games like Hungry Monsters, Roar! (Catch the Monster) or Brooms, which combine the physical aspects of boardgames and card games with the expansion into the digital world by using a mobile device as an integrated part of the game mechanic. An important measure, taking into consideration the growing generation of children, who are always connected with various mobile devices. Hybrid games allow to use these devices to encourage children to meet outside the virtual world and interact with each other. They teach them cooperation and working in the group and, above all, they are a common source of great entertainment. Acting through augmented reality, advanced sensors or touchscreen interfaces, hybrid games allow you to experience a whole new level of gameplay.

The company is preparing their Kickstarter campaign with a clear aim to create an original game intended for families everywhere. This game will teach children new tools and specific skills through play, while adults will also enjoy many hours of shared fun! And as a parent you will be sure that the time spend on it will be a positive growth stimuli for your children. Currently you can see conceptual work on the page: http://rombogames.com/kickstarter/.

Rombo Games Team: Marcin Maciejewski, Hubert Spala, Juan Gómez
Fanpage on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rombogames 

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