Tuesday, August 11, 2015

TechStars descends upon Krakow

Paul Chen

With a mentorship list that included Brad Feld of Foundry Group, Fred Wilson of Union Ventures and Dick Costolo, ex-CEO of Twitter,Techstars is a giant among global startup accelerators. They just launched a program in Berlin earlier this summer. The managing director of Techstars Berlin, Jens Lapinski, paid Krakow a visit at the invitation of local start-ups. He was hosted by coworking space COLAB. He helped out by providing a whole day of mentoring and an evening of pitching and networking

“Because we had heard so many great things about the Krakow start-up community, we were very happy to come here and take a look on the invite of some of the local talents. Based on my day of mentoring some of the start-ups, I was not disappointed. There are some really great talents here. We at TechStars are happy to begin a relationship with the Krakow start-up community.” - That was one of the first things that Jens Lapinski, managing director of TechStars Berlin, told me when I talked to him before the pitching event at COLAB.
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