Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wroclaw may be the First Polish city to implement rentable municipal Electric Vehicles

Paul Chen

These days you will see bike rental racks placed strategically throughout the city of popular tourism destinations. However, the municipality of Wroclaw, a city in southwestern Poland has thought about something even more disruptive.

They are in the process of exploring the idea of having electric vehicles for hire inside the city. While this idea may carry high risks as most rental bikes get damaged and are vandalized. Some bicycles don’t even get returned. However, the city is hoping that this solution will keep the city center free from traffic congestion as well as keeping the city free from automotive pollution.

This is seen as a viable and economical solution for urban residents to do most of their short distance travel.

How will it work

A car could be kept in a small garage and your smart device could be used to unlock the door. Or you could have a user account card with RFID chip, much like the Oyster card in the London transport system, which will unlock the door and verify your identity and take care of the payment and billing. The driver could be billed per unit of travel like per minute or per kilometer. I am sure you may have to put down a hefty deposit or have a more detailed screening process before you are granted an account.

So you will just unplug the vehicle from the charging station and get into the car, then off you go!

Wow! So when?

The project is still in the exploratory phase. Wroclaw administrations are searching for suitable partners who will implement the project. A tender should be announced shortly.

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