Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mingle wants to help your business Grow

Paul Chen
mingleTGetsYou A Job is a Poznan‐based startup that delivers value and result for employers and employees. They specialize in events, trainings, data analysis, and tech.
They are laser-focused on roles in SME (Small‐Medium‐Enterprise) companies that are growing globally who are hiring customer‐facing roles including sales, marketing, sales development, customer success and product management.
Why should an Employer attend?
They will meet 300 of the most ambitious and talented professionals in sales and marketing. Many of these people are or will be soon decision makers when it’s about choosing SaaS‐products.
What will an Employer get out of it?
Being part of Mingle event will improve your employer branding. Your company will be featured as “quality employer” within a wide circle of sales and marketing.
Can’t I just put an ad in the job portals?
Thanks to recruiting within a highly targeted group of 300 professionals. There’s no place with a higher concentration of potential employees who match the profile(s) you’re looking for.
Who will the Employers meet?
Professionals who want to take part have to full-fill a number of requirements:

  • 2 years professional work experience & Bachelors degree or 4-5 years without Bachelors degree
  • Relevant work experience dependent on the position they aspire (like for example CRM-experience or phone-based marketing)
  • English uency

Who will job-seekers meet?

Companies include:

  • active in areas B2B within the SaaS, IoT, outsourced development or online retail banking industries
  • ready to hire at least 2 positions by early November 2015,
  • sponsors are required to have a budget for mid-level and senior staff and a budget to train their employees

Time and Place: 21st of October, 2015 in Poznan

For more info, click here.

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