Monday, November 30, 2015

Poland's COOLOMAT wants to transform e-commerce of food products

Thanks to effective R&D by the Slovenian-Polish team from Coolomat which was funded from investments of KPT seed fund, there will be a more convenient to do grocery shopping over the Internet. Coolomat stands were rolled out in Warsaw last week.
COOLOMAT is a “food automat” for collecting food products purchased on the Web. The first of such machines will be available soon. Coolomat will act as the technology partner in cooperation with a network of Alma supermarkets. As a result, the market will soon debut a groundbreaking project called Alma24, which could change the face of Polish e-commerce.

How does COOLOMAT work? - Food ordered by the customer can be collected within a few hours. Each terminal box are suitable for storage of products at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees C. As a result, it will enable the safe execution of orders with frozen and refrigerated products -  says Marcin Warzocha, CEO of Coolomat. - Coolomat will be a breakthrough in e-grocery. As the first in Poland, it is no longer a concept, but an actual solution. The production of equipment has started, and the installation of the first group of Coolomats will begin in the near future -  adds M. Warzocha.

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