Thursday, April 14, 2016

Let's Bring European Maker Week to Krakow

Hey Krakowian Makers and Startuppers,

Remember this? Startup Europe Week invaded Krakow - the Aftermath

The Startup Europe people are at it again. They want to have a Europe-wide week of events dedicated to the maker movement. Over 20 cities have already signed up, even Ostrava! I would like to organize it, but I am not that connected to the maker community. Perhaps one of our maker leaders would like take up the banner.  The events will take place on the week of May 30 - June 5. I know that isn't a lot of time. We had less than two months to organize Startup Europe Week 2016, but it happened. Here is the main website of European Maker Week 2016. Here is how you can sign up to be an organizer. It wouldn't be an European event without the regulations. If you have more questions, I can put you in touch with the organizers. 

Let's get making!


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