Friday, December 2, 2016

Internet of Things, TechCrunch, and MediTech oh my!

By Paul Chen

The middle of December will be a very busy time for the city of Wroclaw. On the 7th and the 8th there will be a second edition of ImpactCEE. The last edition of Impact in Krakow brought a speech from the enigmatic leader of the PiS party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. This second one should be something special as well. However, if you are a busy VC or an entrepreneur and you don’t have two days, nor the money to spend at a huge conference then In-Ference is something for you.

This is the second one of its kind in Wroclaw. The last one brought us the inspiring messages from the CEO of one of Poland’s hottest startup, Brand24, Michal Sadowski and the co-founder of one of Poland’s biggest software makers, Comarch, Rafal Styczien. This one aims to be even bigger.

Big Value

Having attended the last one, I have to say that this is quite different from a big over produced tech conference. What I like is the intimate atmosphere of the event. With about 1000 people in attendance, you have a chance to talk to people a bit longer forming more meaningful connections. In big conferences, the fear of missing out syndrome prevents people from doing anything deeper. Furthermore, the speakers are usually mobbed by attendees or are hiding. In these smaller events, you actually have access to the experts and VIPs. And it is the easier access and the deeper connections during networking that is the big value in these events.

The Highlights

John Biggs from the Industry leading publication, TechCrunch, will be talking the evolution of the Medical Tech field and what the future holds.

If you are a enterpreneur and are looking for funding, the head of the main partner of In-Ference, Arkly Capital, will be there. Two of their portfolio companies have been generating a lot of buzz recently. Lovely, a wearable that will make your sex-life even better. And ZMorph, a 3D Printer that goes beyond just printing.

Szymon Niemczura, just received the IoT Startup of the year prize at the Central Europe Startup Awards for his beacon company Kontakt will be talking about the Future of Smart buildings as well as how IoT will bring value to a medical facility.

Kamil Adamczyk, the head of Neuron Sleeping Masks, whose company just had an advert appear on one of the video billboards in the famous Times Square in New York City, will talk about how to get MediTech into the mainstream.

And a Panel Discussion featuring the moderation of Patrick Young, a financial guru whose insights has landed him in major telecasts such as CBC and RT.

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